30 October 2013

90a Jean Bouin, come and run with us!

As you all know, every year Barcelona celebrates the JEAN BOUIN, a 10 km. race that takes place through the streets of the city. This year the race is on the 24th November.

For the kids, they also organize a race which is aproximately a 1 km. circuit across the mountain of Montjuic starting where the fountains. The races are organized by age groups and all children born between 1998 and 2007 are welcome (ie. starting from 1st year of primaria).

It’s a great ambiance and we think it’s worth participating. In 2008, 25 John Talabot students participated. In 2009 there were 33, as in 2010, reached 35 in 2011 and 60 participants in 2012!!! See if we can beat that number this year!

The ampa manages the registering of the childern. Those interested in participating should send an email with name, surname, date of birth, sex, full address, mobile phone and email to :  jeanbouin@ampatalabot.org  before the 10th of November.

Once they are registered we will send you the necessary information for the day of the race.

15 October 2013

Conference ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Tuesday 22nd October at the School
Conference by Rocío Rosés from Attentia, in Spanish.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental type of disorder, linked to genetics, that brings about an incapability to self-manage activity levels (hyperactivity), problems of attention and/or behavioral problems.

It is a cronic disorder that changes throughout the different stages in life. It is therefore necessary to adapt the treatment depending on which stage the person is: pre-school, school, adolescent or youngster.

>> ADHD Conference (slides in Catalan - pdf)

Martin Dougiamas session with ESO-2 students

Martin Dougiamas, founder and lead developer of Moodle, the software used for our children in "Aula virtual", shared a one and a half hour session with 150 12-13 year old students.

The students came from four different schools in the Barcelona area (Col·legi John TalabotEscola VirolaiCol·legi Montserrat and INS Sant Just). It was a great session with students enjoying Martin going through his childhood and the start of the Moodle project. They actively participated by sharing the homework they had to work on in the school prior to the session. We asked them to think about how they would like Moodle to be and how they would like to interact with their teachers on-line.
The session took place on September 27th during the MoodleMoot Barcelona 2013 and was conducted entirely in English.
Well done Martin & kids! The session was really a gift for the 10th anniversary of Moots in Spain.

Hyper-parenting - how less is more

Hyper-parenting has become common place in advanced societies. However, many experts believe parents should not try that hard, for the sake of their children.

>> Cuidar a los hijos, sí, pero menos (in Spanish).